Erick Ojeda

Erick Ojeda

Research Assistant

Case Western Reserve University

School of Medicine

I am interested in studying emerging pathogens and infectious diseases associated with cancer.

As a graduate student at Emory, I studied the seroprevalence of Heartland virus and how it affects Emory Healthcare patients as part of the Georgia community. Separately, I co-authored a meta-analysis on the phylodynamics of 84 deer tick virus samples across North America. We observed a population expansion within the past 50 years concordant with increasing human exposure. I am working on a number of projects within the wet lab. My main project is working to extend the Tuba-seq technology to better model genetic heterogeneity within tumors. Ultimately, this project will allow us to better model drug resistance in genetically-diverse tumors. I hope to pursue a PhD in microbiology and immunology.


  • MPH Environmental Health, 2023

    Emory University

  • B.S. Biology,, 2020

    University of Florida