Meaghan Parks

PhD student

Program in Systems Biology & Bioinformatics

Biomedical Sciences Training Program

School of Medicine

Case Western Reserve University

My research interests are focused on using programming and mathematics to aid in biological research.

I first became excited about using mathematics to represent biological processes during my sophomore year at SUNY Geneseo when I took a class called Modeling Biological Systems. I have recently received a Functional Genomics Training Program fellowship to support my research on the fitness landscape of cancers.
I will be applying Fisher’s Geometric Model and utilizing machine learning techniques to understand the complex patterns of epistasis in cancer. This work may allow us to one day predict and control the behavior of cancer through evolutionary steering ( Acar et al. 2020), as well as helping us better group patients in clinical trials via genomic features.


  • B.A. Sociomedical Science, 2017

    SUNY Geneseo

  • Minor in Mathematics