Mira Rahm

Mira Rahm

Research Assistant

Case Western Reserve University

School of Medicine

I am interested in studying cancer as it has a significant impact on public health.

I became passionate about public health when I was pursuing my BS in nutrition. I decided to devote my life to community nutrition because of its importance to public health. Better nutrition is our most effective way to prevent diseases and many children in disadvantaged communities don’t know how to eat healthily.

I joined the Cancer Evolution lab in the winter of 2022 to work in a university lab in the US before pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health. I am excited to understand how cancers behave and consequently coming up with new ways to treat them. In the lab, I am developing a new approach to model heterozygous cancer-causing mutations in mice using CRISPR/Cas gene editing.


  • B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics,, 2014

    American University of Beirut

  • Minor in Public Health