Svyatoslav Tkachenko

Svyatoslav Tkachenko

Senior Research Associate

Case Western Reserve University

Department of Genetics & Genome Sciences

My adventure in science started with studying the structure of the neutron and eventually led me to computational biology.

After I received my PhD in Nuclear Physics and did a couple of postdocs, an idea of helping people by taking part in tremendous computational advances happening in Biology in the last couple of decades seemed too tempting to ignore. I joined a Systems Biology lab in the University of Virginia, where I performed statistical and bioinformatics analyses related to the cardiomyocyte proliferation (or lack of such). Cardiomyocytes are terminally differentiated cells, which have problems with proliferating and consequently problems with properly restoring heart after heart attacks, heart failures, etc. Turns out, some molecules can make them proliferate and this can become a life saving treatment if transferred to real life situations. I also participated in atherosclerosis research trying to elucidate what and how can protect people from heart attacks and strokes.

After moving to Cleveland Clinic, I got interested in single cells RNA-Seq, the technigue that can tell us a lot about what each cell in a sample is doing, and used this method for data analyses related to lung, cardiovascular and psychiatric problems.

I joined McFarland Lab in the Summer of 2021 to take part in the exciting journey of investigating cancer development and consequently treatment possibilities using Evolutionary Game Theory.


  • PhD in Nuclear Physics, 2009

    Old Dominion University

  • M.S. in Physics, 2004

    University of Virginia